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Hiring a private investigator is perfect for those who believe their business is being undermined, criminal acts are being performed in their business environment, are in need of a reliable criminal defence team, fear of a cheating partner, concerns about a business partner or locating a missing friend/relative. See: London’s directory.

With our legal experience and knowledge, many clients trust detectives with private and vital information – they allow them into their lives so they can do their job to the best ability possible.

So, what investigation services are provided by PDL?

  • Tracing Services
  • Surveillance
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Background Checking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Criminal Defence
  • Due Diligence
  • Investigation Services
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Matrimonial Services
  • Consultancy

London’s expert detectives

Need to trace a missing person? At their detectives can operate internationally from their London base when it comes to successfully finding a person. This can be a relative, friend or even a debtor.

For matrimonial purposes

They also have private detectives for matrimonial purposes. It can give you reassurance that you are marrying the right person for you.

They uncover many truths including background checking, infidelity, fund placement and other information.

Get the proof you need with corporate detectives

Private investigators for corporate companies are becoming more apparent. For this type of investigation, Private Detective London only uses an expert investigator with experience that is discrete with a tendency to uncover the most brutal truths. Contact us.

They work to bring corporate fraud to an end to prevent any damage from happening.

Uncovering the truth with surveillance

For surveillance operations that will uncover the truth in any set of circumstances, then this is the perfect team for you. They produce results efficiently, effectively and discreetly.

Leading criminal defence investigators

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, despite being innocent then these detectives can help set you free by providing evidence in your favour.

They have a criminal team that are experts in this industry and can inform you if you have been wrongly treated, convicted and accused.

They will gather evidence and can put forward a counter-argument to prove your innocence, therefore stopping any criminal proceedings. Find a nearby solicitor.

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